An explosion of Sugar & Dough!

We fried and filled and powdered non stop for days!

In 2010 we sold 770 dozen Pazcki’s, no small feat. That is 9,240 Pazcki’s in three days – Sunday – Tuesday.

We tossed out a challenge this year, to our staff and our customers. The goals was 1,000 dozen! 12,000 Pazcki’s in three days. That is 4,000 Pazcki’s a day.

Well, we didn’t sell 1,000 dozen – it was over 1,200 dozen! That is 14,400 Pazki’s sold from Sunday March 6th through 6pm Tuesday March 8th.

Thank you to our staff for kickin’ butt and getten’er done! Plus, a big thanks to our customers!

The winner of our contest is Rick Sadler. Rick will receive a dozen donuts a week for the rest of the year. Rick selected a project by his church, The South Side Soup Kitchen, as his charity. Thanks Rick!

So… what is the goal for next year?

As Scottie would say: “I don’t think she can take much more captain.”

Nutty out