Donna’s set a new personal record for Pazcki sales.

For the last few years we have extended the availability of Pazcki’s from Fat Tuesday to include the Sunday and Monday prior. Our sales of Pazcki’s hit 770 dozen last year.

This year we sold over 1,200 dozen Pazcki’s!

A big Thank You to all of our loyal customers and the many new friends we made through this promotion for Fat Tuesday. We selected a winner by random drawing of our pre-orders.

The winner is Rick Sadler.

He is enjoying a dozen fresh donuts each week! Plus he selected the South Side Soup Kitchen as the recipient of a $500 donation.

Donation to South Side Soup Kitchen

John Gibbons presents Rev. Maurice Horne with $500 check.

The South Side Soup Kitchen is run by Lincoln Park United Methodist Church located at 3410 Fenton Road in Flint.  Reverend Maurice Horne accepted a check from John Gibbons of Donnas Donuts to be used to help fund their worthy cause.

All of our donuts are made at our location on Bristol Road from the same “wholesome” ingredients that we have used since 1962. A smile comes with every Donnas’ Donut, guaranteed.

Thank you!

John Gibbons, owner