Who is Donna and how did she learn to make great donuts?

History of Donna’s Donuts

Donna’s Donuts was born out of a partnership of Superior Donut Shop at Richfield and Center Roads. Roy Oliver and a partner brought the head baker Mel Hardy from Superior and started Donna’s in 1962, naming the business after Roy’s partners daughter – Donna. The current location on Bristol road was built block by block by Roy and his sons Dahral and Jarrell. In 1964, Roy died and his wife Edith ran the donut shop. Mel Hardy bought out Edith and trained Dave Deering. Dave and his wife Sue bought Donna’s Donuts April of 1976. They sold the business to their son John Gibbons and his wife Michelle December of 2003.

Thank you to Shirley Oliver-Winder, daughter of Shirly Boone, Dahral Oliver’s first wife, for updating some of our history!

Whew! Seems like a lot of changes, but the great doughnuts have stayed the same.

Moon Rock & Date Nut Square

John speaks to the success of Donna’s Donuts best…..

“I think the biggest reason Donna’s Donuts has such a huge following is that we always strive for the best quality donut. Throughout the years we have always used the best fillings with big portions of frostings on our donuts. We believe when a customer comes in our donut shop for a treat, we want to give them the best donut in Genesee County or perhaps the world! We have so many customers who come in to buy our donuts when going out of state to visit relatives. And the thing they always tell us is we’re taking Koegel Meats and Donna’s Donuts to our family in Florida, or Tennessee or wherever. They go on to say that their family at one time lived in Flint and one of the main things they miss is our donuts. We constantly hear ‘you just can’t get donuts like ours anywhere else.’

Donna’s Donuts still works with the same wholesome, delicious ingredients that were used in 1962. You won’t find a wimpy donut at Donna’s, just big delicious donuts made with pride!

Now John’s daughter, Alicia is running the shop as John passed away. John is greatly missed, but Donna’s Donuts goes on!

Stop by and say hello and grab a Bakers Dozen!

Phone: 810-233-5618

Open 4 a.m. until 10 p.m. every day!

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