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What? Donuts of Course!

Pound for Pound, Donna’s Donuts delivers more smiles per dollar that anything else!
Treat your crew, family or just yourself. Stop in today!

Donut Prices:

Plain, Powdered, and Sugar Cinnamon …

$.95 each

$5.40 for 1/2 dozen

$10.65 per dozen

$16.05 per 1 1/2 dozen

Assorted Donuts …….

$ 1.05 each

$5.65 per 1/2 dozen

$11.15 per dozen

$16.80 per 1 1/2 dozen

Buy five or more dozen and you get a 10% discount!

Bagels $1.10 each (plain, whole wheat, blueberry, cinnamon raisin, cinnamon sugar, cheddar herb, cheddar jalapeno, onion, garlic, everything, sesame seed)


Small $1.05 per cup …. refills $.69

Medium $1.30 per cup … refills $.80

Large $1.45 per cup … refills $.95

Tea $.85

Pop $1.0 dine in or $1.10 take out

Hot Chocolate $.85 small or $1.70 large

Flaky, delicious treats are waiting!

*NOTE: Double Chocolate, Sour Cream and Cake Sticks are limited availability.

Double Chocolate:

Only on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday;

Sour Cream:

Only on Sunday;

Cake Sticks:

Only on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.Custard, plain glazed each of those days. But on Tuesday we have Lemon Filled, Thursday we have Blueberry and Friday we make Strawberry, Strawberry & Cream, and Strawberry Glazed.

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