Taking Paczki Orders!

Time is short, come in for Paczki’s!

Tuesday February 9th is Fat Tuesday!

We start selling on Sunday, so Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are the days to grab your Paczki’s!

You can buy one, half dozen or dozens! (no bakers dozen)

Call 810-233-5618 to place your orders and we will have them packed for pickup to save you time!

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Flint's Best Donuts!

Home of the Nutty Donut!

Come grab a Bakers Dozen, you won’t be sorry!

Still made with the same great recipe from 1963!

Plus you will make some new friends!

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1/2 Dozen FREE!

Rescue A Cat or Dog

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1/2 Dozen Donuts for FREE!

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A lot of laughing and joking goes on at Donna’s

People from all walks of life gather at Donna’s Donuts for a delicious break. Stop by to visit, or grab some to go!



Nutty Donuts

 A huge variety of donuts awaits!

These aren’t any wimpy donuts either! They are still made with the same great ingredients since 1963!


Since 1963!

Donna’s Donuts has been creating happy smiles with fresh delicious donuts!

Open 4 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 6 a.m. on Sunday we leave at 8 p.m.


Do you really have to ask?

Stop in for a hot cup of coffee or tea and your favorite donut. You will have to look for a minute, but we are used to it. Take your time and select the perfect donut for your journey.

Come on in and enjoy!

Question or Comment?

We are usually busy making donuts, but you can send us an email. You will have to wait a bit, but you can always stop by and chat over a cup of coffee and a donut!


Stop in for coffee and donuts!