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Pumpkin Donut Time!

Pumpkin Donut Schedule

Here is when you can get a Pumpkin Donut:

  • Fri, Sat & Sun through September
  • Everyday in October until Thanksgiving!

Flint's Best Donuts!

Home of the Nutty Donut!

Come grab a Bakers Dozen, you won’t be sorry! Plus you will make some new friends!

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Stop in for coffee and donuts!



John is missed, he still makes us laugh!

A lot of laughing and joking goes on at Donna’s

Retired school teachers, administrators and a variety of people gather every day to help save the world. We even had caricatures made up of some of our regulars and they have their own T-Shirt design.

Stop in and join the Donut Mafia.



A huge variety of donuts awaits!Nutty Donuts

These aren’t any wimpy donuts either! They are still made with the same great ingredients since 1963!

We sell single, half dozen, bakers dozen (13 donuts) and multiple dozens with a discount. Give us a call if you have a big event and we will have your order right and on time.



Since 1963!

Donna’s Donuts has been creating happy smiles with fresh delicious donuts!

Do you know who Donna is? Want to know the inside scoop on Donna and why her donuts are SO GOOD?

Open 4 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 6 a.m. on Sunday we leave at 10 p.m.


Do you really have to ask?

Stop in for a hot cup of coffee or tea and your favorite donut. You will have to look for a minute, but we are used to it. Take your time and select the perfect donut for your journey. Our hope is that when you sit down and savor the donut you will be launched into the past and served up a pleasant memory, or create a new one! You won’t find donuts like this in the grocery store, so what are you waiting for? Come on in and enjoy!

Question or Comment?

We are usually busy making donuts, but you can send us an email. You will have to wait a bit, but you can always stop by and chat over a cup of coffee and a donut!

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