A lot of laughing and joking goes on at Donna’s

Retired school teachers, administrators and a variety of people gather every day to help save the world. We even had caricatures made up of some of our regulars and they have their own T-Shirt design.

Stop in and join the Donut Mafia.

A huge variety of donuts awaits!

These aren’t any wimpy donuts either! They are still made with the same great ingredients since 1963!

We sell single, half dozen, bakers dozen (13 donuts) and multiple dozens with a discount. Give us a call if you have a big event and we will have your order right and on time.

Donuts Are Close By!

We are located between Van Slyke & Fenton Roads on the south side of Bristol Road.

Use the Location page above for a Google Map with directions to our location.

Since 1963!

Donna’s Donuts has been creating happy smiles with fresh delicious donuts!

Do you know who Donna is? Want to know the inside scoop on Donna and why her donuts are SO GOOD?

Open 4 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 6 a.m. on Sunday we leave at 10 p.m.

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Do you really have to ask?

Stop in for a hot cup of coffee or tea and your favorite donut. You will have to look for a minute, but we are used to it. Take your time and select the perfect donut for your journey. Our hope is that when you sit down and savor the donut you will be launched into the past and served up a pleasant memory, or create a new one! You won’t find donuts like this in the grocery store, so what are you waiting for? Come on in and enjoy!

Double Chocolate

Double Chocolate

Limited availability for Double Chocolate.
Only on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday.

Sour Cream

Sour Cream

Old Fashioned Goodness.
Real Sour Cream in the batter. These traditional treats are only made on Sunday!

Cake Sticks

Cake Sticks           

Limited availability for Cake Sticks.
Only on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Custard, plain glazed each of those days. But on Tuesday we have Lemon Filled, Thursday we have Blueberry and Friday we make Strawberry, Strawberry & Cream, and Strawberry Glazed.

Delicious Donuts at Donna’s by Jim Anibal

Stop in during the day and give Jim a shout out of encouragement as he keeps the shelves full of tasty donuts. Jim has been frying up those delectable delights since 2002. Read the whole story here.

Thanks for being a great customer Officer Dave!

We look forward to seeing you nice and relaxed!

Flour, Oil, Sugar & Cocoa Prices Soar!

We received notice of the following price increases for July:

  • Bulk Cake Flour up 40%
  • Bulk Spring Flour up 81%
  • Soybean Oil up 62%
  • Sugar up 26%
  • Cocoa up 21%

Expectations for crops, falling dollar value and the flood of stimulus dollars are all combining to increase food costs around the country. We apologize for having to increase the cost of donuts, we have kept the prices as low as possible.

Visit the Donuts page for current pricing.


The Donna’s Team

Jim the baker gets creative at Donna’s Donuts

Dorothy Robinson lost her husband and child in the 1953 Tornado in the Beecher area near Flint,  Michigan. Dorothy is turning 93 and still volunteers time to help those in need. Jim made a special donut for her birthday!

special birthday donut

Special Birthday Donut for Doris Robinson

The Big Table

Donut Mafia

The Donut Mafia

Have you made it to the big table yet at Donna's? The powdered sugar on your shirt says that you may be a made man too!

Take the Nutty Challenge!

Nutty Challenge

The Challenge

All you need to do is eat twelve Nutty Donuts within thirty minutes or less. If you are successful you win the price of the donuts back, a special T-Shirt & your picture on the wall of fame! Come take the challenge.

Sugar Buzz

Since 1962, Donna's Donuts has been making donuts right here on Bristol Road. We have seen drastic changes over the years. Being so close to GM's Flint Metal Fab and the Truck Plant has been a blessing, but they don't have the same number of employees as I'm sure you're aware. Fortunately, word has gotten around about our donuts and we continue to have a steady stream of customers on the hunt for a sugar buzz!
For more about how we started and who is Donna anyway, click here.


Heavy Duty

Our Nutty donuts add up! Eating a Bakers Dozen is equal to eating four pounds of cake! Come take the challenge if you dare! We have the space on the wall just waiting!

Nutty Fans Everywhere!

Customers have shipped Nutty Donuts to every corner of the globe it seems. We don't handle the shipping, but we can explain how to ship them. You would certainly make someone's day with a dozen Nuttys.


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